The Clumsy Author’s First Book

I thought about writing a book before.  The thought of how many more pages I had left made that goal a “Titanic”,  big and beautiful but never the less a sinking idea.  I have been a blogger for a very long time.  Short post, long post here and there, began to stack up.  I found one of my passions to be Personal Development, but not just any personal development – Life Hacking.  I have always been interested in how to make life easier.  I wrote a lot of post from experiences and personal studies.  One day I was reading over many of my writings and I realized I had wrote a book and a very good one.  All I had to do is take all the post and arrange them in a cohesive flow, expand in areas and wala!  So life and blogging, kinda created this book.


Clumsy Author

What People are Saying

I have not promoted it yet!  Here is what a few people are saying!


What?!  You wrote a book?  Your F**** kidding me!  Congrats!


Thank you for writing this book!  It was a pleasure editing it.


Good book!  You should be very proud.

1 Date Guy

I just bought it.  Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment.


Congradulations!  I can’t wait to read it.  I am going to buy a Kindle, I won’t be able to see it on my phone.


I am going to tell everybody!  I love this book!  Good job!