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Janel Reliford

Chiefly known for her 2010 WebTV show, “NappyMuseTV”, opened other opportunities for Janel. Today she is an avid serial blogger, near-reality fiction writer via her blog, internet media personality, and podcast host of NYC Today Live Talk Radio. Janel Reliford is a modern day Renaissance woman.

Studying Journalism briefly at Wilberforce University in Ohio, moved her to transition to Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. Immersing herself in their theatre and creative writing program led her to execute a five year stint as a stand up comedian, traveling the Midwest circuit.

As you can catch her interest are many, but her heart beats as an active humanist supporting rescue mission that defy human trafficking. Her desire and passion is for all to operate in emotional freedom and to be happy. Creating simple habits to produce a fuller caliber of life is Janel’s method of hacking life. A plethora of lifestyle coaches and teacher’s that influenced Janel’s personal development include: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Chris Howard’s NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Course, The Master Key System, Burt Goldman’s, “Quantum Jumping,” Hooponopono, Lee Pulos’ “Biology of Empowerment,” and Holodynamics. These are succeeded by Abraham-Ester Hicks, Timothy Ferriss, Will Smith, and Mama Gena.

Given birth to experience her mantra, “Live and love your life and free others to do the same.” Janel loves laughing, ice cream, belly dancing, and Marvel action heroes. You can watch her write her next book by subscribing